Friday, 16 May 2014

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    Certificates, diplomas and titles are commonly known as qualifications. Their purpose is to show employers, training providers and individuals what the person holding the qualification has learned and can do. Every country issues many different qualifications. But for the Indian labour market to work as intended – that is, for Indian citizens to be able to work in any country– employers, schools and education authorities need to understand what qualifications from other countries represent. GER helps to achieve this mutual understanding by contributing to the concept, design, development and implementation of common Indian instruments and principles in education and training.

    These are designed to help people progress through education and training at any age, to change career or move abroad for work or further education. They are also expected to lead to greater consistency in employment, education and training policy throughout India. In addition, GER, Education & Carrier Service Center aims at providing a single language for all job seekers, employers and educators.